Where is Data theft Accused..?

Is Ashok Sheltered there..? Trying to cross the borders… In a recent developments, it was said to be believed that the main accused of Data theft case and CEO of IT Grids company was trying to cross the indian border. The Telangana police desperate to nab him presumed earlier that […]

Jayasudha joined Ysr congress party..

YSR is the reason of my Political life.. Feeling of returning home….Actress Jayasudha..   Another setback to the Telugu Desam party as the leaders were in cue to join Ysr congress and leaving their party. The  Well known Actress and Ex Mla  Jayasudha was on the same way who  resigned […]

Chandrababu…A Dirtiest politician

KCR called Chandrababu as the Dirtiest Politician… AP needs Special Status…KCR.. The Chief Minister of Telangana state and the Chief of TRS K Chandrasekhar rao lambasted Chandrababu in a media conference here in Hyderabad. He called Babu as the dirtiest politician in the country. he also added, Chandrababu lacking behind […]

Actor Ali in Ysr Congress Party…

Actor Ali meets YS Jagan.. Likely to join Ysr Congres party…? Surely it is a  sensational news to all Ysr congress party cadre that the Telugu Actor cum senior comedian Ali may likely to join Ysr Cogress party in a short time. Praja sankalpa yatra which was scheduled to end […]

No vacancy for the CM post  in Karnataka….

Cabinet Expansion will be soon… No vacancy for the CM post  in Karnataka.. Sidharamaiah with Media.. The Karnataka state cabinet will be expanded soon after the consultations with their congress supremo, said Sidha ramaiah the chairman of coalition co ordination committee. Addressed in a press conference he also told that the state […]

Why Babu scared of CBI when he was not feel guilt..?

Why Babu scared of CBI when he was not feel guilt..? Ysrcp leader Anam Ramnarayan reddy lashed out Chandrababu   The Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu damaging the constitutional systems in the state by withdrawing the consent given earlier to CBI in the state, Anam Ramnarayan reddy the […]

YouTube at 10: Under siege but still dominant

This is some dummy copy. You’re not really supposed to read this dummy copy, it is just a place holder for people who need some type to visualize what the actual copy might look like if it were real content. If you want to read, I might suggest a good […]