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Actor Ali in Ysr Congress Party…

Actor Ali meets YS Jagan..

Likely to join Ysr Congres party…?

Surely it is a  sensational news to all Ysr congress party cadre that the Telugu Actor cum senior comedian Ali may likely to join Ysr Cogress party in a short time. Praja sankalpa yatra which was scheduled to end on January 9th, 2019 at Ichapuram the joining of Ali in Ysr Congress party may takes place, sources said.

Ali who met Jagan yesterday at Vizag Airport and travelled along, discussed some key issues regarding his joining. According to the sources that Ali was interested to contest from Rajahmundry city or Guntur Assembly Constitutions and the same expressed with jagan. YS Jagan may not be assured about the ticket but invited him in party and asked to leave the rest to him.

Ali who has close Association with Chiranjivi family particularly with Pawan Kalyan, political circles thought that he may join Janasena party. But All of a Sudden, Ali meets jagan on Friday at Vizag Airport and  have been had discussions about the joining in party. The meeting details may not be declared officially, but  Ali’s joining was almost confirmed, According to sources.