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Want your skin more smooth…just do this


Want your skin more smooth…just do this

Leave the Bad habit….take more water…

Nowadays Men have more conscious of their skin than women as it was important to take some steps. Some of the experts shared their tips for men to make good of their skin. These are the points shared by the Experts in the particular field…

  1. Without applying sunscreen on skin, don’t step out from the house. it is an essential thing to which men usually tend to ignore. The sunscreen have high moisture content in them to get the dual benefits on the skin.
  2. The Beard of a man enhances handsomeness and look more attractive. The Conditioning spa and the oils shall be useful for this.
  3. Charcoal face wash, scrubbing and face packs gives good result in these days as the charcoal sucks out the impurities on the face and detoxifies it.


4. Do use the cleansing bars of Shea butter, neem oil, extracts of blackberry, papayya pulp which restores the natural moisture                   content in the skin.

5. Leave the bad habits like Drinking and Smoking which have direct impression on the skin look of a person like forming of                      black unidentified spots on the skin of the face. Instead of it take more water to stay hydrated and for a healthy skin.