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Why Babu scared of CBI when he was not feel guilt..?

Why Babu scared of CBI when he was not feel guilt..?

Ysrcp leader Anam Ramnarayan reddy lashed out Chandrababu


The Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandrababu Naidu damaging the constitutional systems in the state by withdrawing the consent given earlier to CBI in the state, Anam Ramnarayan reddy the ycp leader lashed out in a media conference. The state government recently released a GO NO 176 which cancelled the General Consent of CBI to enter or inquire in the state. Anam Ramnarayan reddy said that,Chandrababu for the first time in the history of the state who shut the doors to CBI not to enter.  He also slams babu to cancel the consent of CBI to probe any matters in the state.

Chandrababu naidu was behaving in such a way that he couldn’t tolerate anybody who criticized his governance, Anam said. Isn’t the AP not belongs to India ? Why is he scared of the CBI ? why was he worrying about the IT raids ? he asked. Also added by Anam that the Telugu Desam government rule destroyed the economic and administrative system the state for the last 4 years.

He demanded to know why a CBI inquiry was not ordered in the attack on their leader Ys Jagan ? and called all the opposition parties to condemn the corruption in the state. he also challenged babu, does he had the courage to face Ys Jagan ?