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Evidences are not enough for you…the conspirator behind the attack on me…?


was the evidences not enough for you…to make you guilt in the attack on me…?

Ys Jagan Slams Chandrababu in Parvathipuram meeting

The leader of the Opposition and the Chief of Ysr Congress Party Ys Jagan point outs Chandrababu naidu as the Conspirator behind the attack on him. He Addressed a public meeting in Parvathipuram of Vizianagaram District during his Praja Sankalp Yatra when it reached today the first public meeting after the murder attempt on him in Vizag Airport.

He asked Babu, was it not shown to you as a pre meditated conspiracy ? Isn’t you who behind the conspiracy ? shall i explain you the sequences happenning in the state for the last 8-9 moths.? Soon after Telugu Desam party opted out from NDA in the month of March, he brought out a movie called Operation Garuda with pre fabricated script and trained actor and the supported yellow media. He further added that in the same month Chandrababu scripted the plan to eliminate him. Ys Jagan also said that within hour after he was being attacked with a knife in the Airport, the DGP of the state and the Home minister read out the script given to them saying that the attacker was jagan fan. Surprisingly with a half an hour a flexi will come in light without the pics of Ysr or Vijayamma to show that the accused was his fan.

 Also Explained the drama of 11 pages letter written by the attacker came into picture by the Ap police which did not found by CISF immediately after the attack. The letter was said to be found in the pocket of attacker without any folding marks he said. Jagan said that after he entered in Vizag 3 months back, the Airport CC cameras went off was not a co incident. He also questioned that what can be the meaner and cheaper was than this…when the TDP leaders accused his mother and sister of planning the attack.

He also told that if Chandra babu has nothing to do with the attack, then he should call a CBI or 3rd party agency inquire on the murder attempt. But he was afraid off CBI  means has some thing with this conspiracy.