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GSLV MK III-D2 may likely to postpone…

Cyclone Gaja Causes..
Launching of GSLV MK III-D2 may likely to postpone

ISRO the Indian satellite research organisation which planned to launch the GSLV MK III-D2,scheduled at 5.08 am on Wednesday was likely to postpone due to bad weather conditions as a result of cyclonic storm Gaja. The cyclone Gaja which is expected to make landfall at the launch place of Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.

Kailasavadivoo sivam the chairman of ISRO told the media at Tirumala during his pilgrimage on Tuesday…that the “Weather is slightly disturbing now…If everything is goes normal, it will be launched as per the schedule. If the weather is not conducive, the launch will be postponed,” he also expected his hope that the take off will go by schedule.

The India Meteorological Department and Joint Typhoon warning center alerts that the Cyclone Gaja will make its landfall between Sriharikota and Cuddalore of Tamilnadu on 15th November in result to that the heavy rains were expected and High speed squally winds accompanied by.

Significance of GSLV MK III-D2

The GSLV MK III-D2 was developed under the Digital India Program to provide high bandwidth communication connectivity
to remote areas in the country such as the northeast region and Jammu and Kashmir using the satellite G-Sat 29. It was very significant in the sense it is going to complete development of phase of heavy lift launchers.It will help to launch Chandrayan-2 and Jaganyan the manned mission.

GSLV MK III-D2 is a three-stage heavy-lift launch vehicle designed to carry 4 ton class of satellites into geosynchronous transfer orbit or 10 tons to low earth orbit developed by ISRO.